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«Swiss guitarist David Wildi studied in Basel and St. Gallen and has already played with such renowned musicians as Randy Brecker, Danny Gottlieb, Bob Berg and Adam Nussbaum. After albums in sextet and quartet lineups, he can now be heard in a trio setting on Endawin. He is joined by electric bassist Rodrigo Aravena and drummer David Stauffacher, who provide Wildi’s intimate and light-footed songs with an irresistible groove. ‘It’s important to me that my music touches hearts,’ Wildi describes his artistic credo. And song titles like Missings Birds Of Passage, Pearl Island or Coral Reef make it clear that he is primarily inspired by nature. Wildi switches virtuously between chord and single-note playing and convinces with a penchant for catchy themes and nuanced solo playing. His round and transparent sound gives his music a wistful and melancholic note.» — Rolf Thomas, Jazz thing, June 2022

«The content, the musical substance of a piece should spring exclusively from the soul of the composer or the improviser. That is the goal from my point of view.»
— David Wildi in an interview with JazzBluesNews, April 2022