“WINDSONG” Liner Notes
Once upon a time in the USA – jazz musicians held quite some grudges against the well earning rockstars and decided to change their rather miserable situation by applying a simple saying: “If you can’t fight them, join them!” And they did. The musical invention then called rock-jazz and later fusion actually changed the situation for many of them. This style, created in the early 70ties, prevailed for a longer time and prompted a whole lot of young musicians to accept it as part of jazz. Many young instrumentalists broader view have since began to mix styles, incorporating rock rhythms, jazz changes and modal solos in their musical concept – and a new bread of jazz musicians has consequently emerged and established itself. 
Guitarist David Wildi belongs into that category. A musician with said broad view on things, not wanting to apply any boundaries between what is called straight ahead jazz, fusion or even rock. For him, like for so many of his stateside colleagues, spontaneity and creativity have become the key words for his work. Being aware of the fact, that in music rather little remains to be newly invented, he puts quality of performance and material before innovation and succeeds in writing truly valuable compositions, plays them with impeccable taste and sensitive mastery of his instrument. The album reveals a great variety of melodically catching lines, interesting and logical changes as well as a most fitting lineout of many rhythms we currently are confronted with.

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