„The Inner Star“ Liner notes
If this CD would have been produced under the auspices of the today defunct label GRP, they would all nod their head in total approval because of the understanding and artistry of David Wildi, the protagonist of this production. His guitar playing could easily be compared to the many excellent guitarists belonging to the stem of said label. Wildi’s second asset can be found within the area of composing. All tunes have meticulously been written as well as put together by him and executed in perfect fitting form incorporating today’s different types of influential musical styles. The listener will hear many rhythmic and melodic variations he will find elsewhere in todays use but this time signed David Wildi. His up to date concept gives the four piece band a clear and understandable direction. The newcomers in this context shall be noted for they’re excellent support offering  to their leader by interpreting his ideas on a very high level. The inherent  melodic content makes it possible to listen to this CD in any kind of surrounding, accompanied by any size of crowd or in the best case over and over again by one self... which would be the best way to enjoy Wildi's Inner Star! 

Kurt S. Weil, Publizist

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